Race Futures

If your crystal ball isn’t too cloudy or you are better at foretelling the future than recalling the past, your best bet may be a Futures Bet.


In Horse racing, most future bets involving predicting the winner of the biggest races of the year, such as the Triple Crown or the Breeders’ Cup. You can also place individual bets on the three legs of the Triple Crown – Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes.


A Future Bet is easy to place because all you have to do is place your money on the horse you believe will win the upcoming race. The Futures odds for the race can come out weeks or even months before the race is held and the odds can change sporadically up to race time depending on the current form of the horse.


If the horse is on a hot streak and running a track surface that favors his style, the future odds could be prohibitively low. If the horse has been running poorly or coming off an injury or a long layoff, you may find great value and long future bet odds that pay off handsomely.


If you have the knack for picking future winners, or maybe if you’re just lucky, future bets can be profitable.