NASCAR Match-Ups

If your NASCAR knowledge isn’t broad enough for you to pick the winner out of the large 43-driver field you might be better off sticking to match-up wagers.

A NASCAR match-up wager gives you two drivers to choose from, out of which you bet on whichever you expect to finish higher in the race. If the racer you chose crosses the finish line before his match-up opponent you win your bet.

A match-up wager is given in money line odds. One driver is usually the favorite, given minus number odds, while the underdog driver is given plus number odds.

For example if your match-up lists Dale Earnhardt Jr. as the favorite and Tony Stewart as the underdog, Earnhardt Jr. would be given odds, such as -125, while Stewart would be listed at +150. Minus odds, given to the favorite, pay less than your wager, while plus odds, given to the underdog pay more than your wager.

In the example the -125 odds means you must wager $125 to bet $100, while the +150 odds means you would win $150 for betting $100.