The most popular wager among the NASCAR betting crowd are future bets. Most NASCAR fans like to at least place a bet on their favorite driver and last year’s champion.

A futures wager is a bet placed on a event that won’t have the results until the end of the season. In the NASCAR world this can include betting on the champion of Nextel Cup, Busch Series or even one of the smaller series if your book carries those odds.

Other future bets can include Rookie of the Year and driver to win the most races.

Future bets offered varies from book to book, as do the odds that come with them. Some books could have odds listed as a money line (i.e.+250), while others will go with fraction bets (i.e. 5/1). A money line bet pays more than you wager if it is a plus number and less than your wager if it is a minus number.

For example a +250 means your would win $250 for betting $100, while a -250 means you have to bet $250 to win $100. A fraction odds pays the fraction multiplied by the wager. A wager of $100 at 5/1 would pay $500.