Horse Match-Ups

Horse matchups are similar to betting NASCAR matchups or golf matchups in that you have a 50-50 proposition to choose between two options.


In other words, you don’t have to know the winner to cash in, thanks to the type of Matchups Bets popularized by Pinnacle Sports.


Matchups make it easier to pick the winning horse by cutting down the field in any given race. A race that could have 10-15 horses will be cut down to a head-to-head decision between two horses.


For example, Bernardini (-125) vs. Invasor (+105). All you have to do is pick one of the selected horses and hope that you picked the faster filly. In most matchups, one horse is designated the favorite (they are given minus odds, such as –125) and the other is designated the underdog (they are given plus odds, such as +105). This is similar to moneyline wagering that baseball or hockey bettors understand well.


In some races there may be more than two horses, or there are a few horses up against the field. To win a matchup, your horse does not have to win, he simply has to cross the finish line before the other horse in the matchup. So instead of giving yourself a 1/10 chance in a full race field try a matchup, bet a chance over at’s racebook and improve your odds of picking a winner.